Saturday, August 27, 2011

What am I?
Life is a deity. It appears to be ordinary due to layers of paucities it is been enveloped in. But what lies deep inside is a pure conscious- eager to interact, eager to guide us to the righteous path, eager to uncover itself and blossom; something beyond our ordinary imagination. The essence of life lies in Exploring, Encountering and Experiencing it. It is human to ignore things which are too close to us. We live life without understanding its glory, its divinity, its purity. All our life, we spend in fulfilling our natural instincts of food, shelter, clothing, earning livelihood, establishing family and a lot more; all this at the cost of the beauty of our inner self. We are expected to maintain the beauty of this garden called life like a Gardner. The self is neither born nor does it die. We can’t stay with the breathless (dead) body of our most beloved person for even one single day. So, what is that we love? It’s not simple breathe. It is beyond that, which had created LIFE, which has just evaporated away and what has been left behind is the sheath, called body, which will be degenerated by following certain rituals. So the question remains is that what is more important? The sheath or the Vitality which ensured the body and remained it ALIVE?
Ask a person to express about her/himself and everything she/ he expresses from her/ his name, family background, caste, creed, community, occupation, life style to pseudo set of principles of life revolves around the worldliness. Everything we know about ourselves is related to our body, life itself is missing! The answer to the question WHAT AM I is – I am the SOUL. Body is the just the temple the soul is lying in. Humankind realizing that we are mere bodies spends most of its time in fulfilling the bodily needs and hence living in a vicious circle yielding more pain for self and others. Those who have even an iota of belief that they are more than body, feels the difference in their lives; they hear a sound from within before taking the next step forward, and whenever they ignore the voice of this True Self, they feel negatively different; and this difference is expressed in the body through an increased heartbeat, shaking legs, nervousness, etc. See it in an innocent child who lives more close to her/ his self. The moment a kid tells lie, observe the body language. Any deviation from the true self is signaled and warned. The DGM- Divine Guiding Mechanism works. Those who succeed in developing this inner sight by sticking to the basics do not get distracted by small shake ups and face the turmoil of life with dignity and distinction. A cub nurtured among lambs behaves like a lamb. It’s the way it is nurtured. We nurture our SELF like a lamb, and fail to enhance its capabilities to convert it into a lion. The more we dwell deeper and ask ourselves this basic question, the more life reveals it’s secretes to us and blossoms to its fullest.
The celebrated affirmation of Indian scriptures - Ishwar Jeev Ansh Avinashi, deserves emphasis here. Our SELF is a small fraction of the WHOLE, and it’s immortal, ever-lasting, never dying. But to be like the whole, to inculcate it’s qualities, we need to be connected with it, the frequency should be matched, the wavelength should tally; and once it is done, the energy starts flowing, the Universe starts conspiring, nothing falls apart, all pieces start coming together and the picture gets more clearer, the riddle finds the clues, and we start radiating something beyond ordinary, something very precious and that’s called LIFE.
Dwelling deeper to this question, takes us to another level, where the answer is- We are neither body, nor SELF, we are that; SOHAM- I am that. Indeed I am that, whom the Almighty has incarnated in human form. I am a devotee whom the almighty has given the opportunity to refine. Why should any prescribed task be difficult for me? At this level of exploration the inner guide becomes more prominent and the established connection moulds us spiritually. If I am that, nothing is impossible; if I am that, I am empowered to Generate new, Operate the existing and Destroy the Unwanted. This transformation is a big leap forward.
Further efforts alleviate one to deeper levels; viz SHIVOHAM- I am the akin of Shiva. Shiva means auspicious. I am essentially a blessed person. So how can there be any place for evil in my thoughts, feelings or actions? If any appropriate trait has become fixed, it is due to bad company and surroundings. It is foreign to my nature. Why should I have any difficulty in removing it? SATCHITANANDAM- I am the Ultimate being, thought and bliss. Why should I be affected by falsehood? Why should I strive for something which will not last forever? I am true bliss. Why should I wonder searching for material gains? Why not enjoy what is the best? AYAMATMA BRAHMA- this very soul is Brahma. As the ocean is water, so also a drop is water. Every ray of the sun has the virtue of the sun. How so ever small the sun be, it has the capability of uniting with Brahma. And after union who is small or big? Both tap and tank are capable of giving water. So, why should I remain small and miserable? Why not become all-powerful? TATVAMASI- You are That. Whatever is great in this life, in this world, all of that is You (Supreme Soul). Everything is nothing but light, so why wander searching for greatness? Why become a slave of material things? Why not search for greatness in God.
It should be remembered that the meaning of "Soham", "Tatvamasi" the words "I", "You" don’t refer to this body or mind, they corresponds to the soul. Thus ‘SOAHAM’ is a divine message which reminds that the soul is a part of the Brahma. The spiritual scholars of all times have described the unity of the soul with the Brahma as that of a wave with the ocean, light with the Sun, an atom with the Universe, a spark with the fire.
Our body is made of physical elements, but the soul is subtle in nature. Oil drops in water always float up; a wooden piece will never sink in water, how much ever we try. This is because the molecules of oil and wood are lighter than that of water. Law of gravity or atmospheric pressure can’t stop it. Soul is lighter than body, and hence, in-spite of being associated with the body, it never mixes up and always tends to move upwards. This is like the soul desires for something lost, something with which it wants to in communion with. The difficulty however is that the intensity of self oblivion and the darkness of ignorance cover this reality. In darkness, a simple rope appears to be a snake; but when there is light, the truth appears, as it is. Atma Bodh (Self Knowledge) is the advent of that light in which man gets the glimpse of his real form. Then no more time is taken in searching the right path. The cub now knows the reality, and it no more behaves like a puny lamb, it roars at the top of its voice. This is LIBERATION. A spider weaves web, gets entangled in it and becomes restless; but when it determines, it winds up the web and swallows it itself. Worthless, insignificant life is a man’s on creation, his own web in which he remains entangled for long. To experience Liberation, one needs to cut away this web, which can only be done through Atma Bodh.
Fruits, flowers do not fall on the tree from the sky. Trees grow and bear fruits and flowers when their roots suck juice from the earth. Roots are within us and influence our entire persona, which ultimately leads us to magnificence. One gets nothing by begging and entreating. Spiritual inward path needs to be travelled on your own. A Spiritual Master, ‘GURU’, surely guides and leads us as a mentor, but the steps to self refinement and self purification needs to be taken by us. This is the greatest and ultimate object of human pursuit. Those who have understood this ultimate truth, have realized the secret behind the Spiritual Knowledge.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

जब चारों ओर घना अँधेरा छाया हो और कोई आशा की किरण न दिखे तब जो ख़ुद को जलाकर जग को प्रकाशित करे, वेह है "दिया"
वेह दिया, जो न केवल प्रकाश फैलाएगा अपितु हमे सन्मार्ग की ओर प्रेरित करेगा ।

लक्ष्य कथन:
राष्ट्र की युवा शक्ति मे निहित क्षमताओं का श्रेष्ठतम ढंग से सुनियोजन कर वर्ष 2020 तक दिव्य भारत का निर्माण

मिशन वक्तव्य:
युवाओं को एकत्रित करके व्यक्ति, परिवार, एवं समाज निर्माण के मध्यम से राष्ट्र निर्माण की परिकल्पना को साकार रूप देना

दिया दिव्य भारत के निर्माण द्वारा सतयुग की वापसी के लिए संकल्पित है।

वर्तमान समस्याएं

  • आज का अंधा भौतिक्वादी विकास एवं आध्यातमवाद की कमी ही समाज मे व्याप्त सभी समस्यायों का मूल कारण है
  • युवा को जीवन जीने की कला का सही मार्गदर्शन ना होने के कारण ही समाज मे असंतोष एवं कुरीतियाँ व्याप्त हैं।

दिया के उद्देश्य

  • युवाओं के सपनों में आदर्शवाद लाना
  • युवाओं के चिंतन को पोषण प्रदान कर जीवन पथ मे आदर्शवादी निर्णय लेने मे सक्षम बनाना।
  • युवाओं को स्वस्थ , स्वावलंबी, शिक्षित एवं संवेदनशील बनाना।
  • युवाओं की सोच को नया आयाम देना।
  • धरती माँ पर चारों ओर शान्ति एवं मधुरता द्वारा सतयुग की वापसी लाना।

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gandhi ji's India!!!

Before I could think and write about some issue, the recent blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad took away my attention. I was reading a nice book on Mahatma, and was trying to understand him better. Why? Because we humans are always logical. Without a reason and explaination we do not accept things and we dont even hesitate to criticise them. Various school of thoughts support Gandhi ji for his Ahimsa Peace and Satya. .. while some do oppose it, and favor the Bhagat Singh style.
I am not interested in focusing and finding who is responsible for the recent blasts. There are agencies to do so and tell us whether it's terrorist or the politicians. I am just trying to understand that what was dreamt, and what has happened. Just sit and think for a while, and try to realize this.......
A lawyer, gets triggered to fight for social status of Indians abroad and later on move upto the fight for independence. Without any support, any help, he initiates the Non violence movement, understands the power of Sacrifice, Tapa, Worship, commitment, Courage, and challenges an established 250 years + kingdom. The British Raj.
He works hard and hard for it, stick to his principles, sacrifice his personal and family life, and make the Britishers think of quitting India. He canvase a beautiful picture of an independent nation, breathing in fresh air, flying and scaling heights, ideologies based on Satya, Ahimsa, and Shanti. A country as a role model for the rest of the world. But what did he get at the end of all this. We try hard to achieve something, and if we fail to get the desired result, we panic, feel sad. Gandhi ji never ever would have dreamt of the India which prevails today.
History says he died in Jauary 1948. I say his soul died the day when a separate country for Muslims was demanded. His heart would have sobbed that day. The civil war which broke in 1946 and continued for almost 2 years shattered Gandhi's dream to pieces. Do you still want to ask how did he feel?
Things changed, political, social, economical.. all the scenarios of the country changed. We gave new faces to the country and finally named it "The Incredible India" I dont know who wants to take the credit for the development of the country. Was it liberalization, good politics or population which made India a developing economy, but I am sure that Gandhi ji would not have asked for any credits. In fact till his last breath, he was working for the betterment of the situation. You will be surprised to know the fact, when the political independence was given on 15th August 1947, Gandhi ji was not present for the flag hoisting. He never wanted freedom at the cost of his own people's blood.
HATS' off to such a great soul who had the courage to do something great in life, not to become a Mahatma, but to be a better human, not to become the father of the nation, but to serve the society and nation. I am sure those of us who are not effected with the terror happening around, would have felt bad and stopped thinking, Old memories of any such instances have faded off from each and every mind.
There are people dying around. We are social human beings. Let's prove that we are.
Next time you waste time criticising who did it, discussing a movie, commenting on cricket, pulling down politicians, smoking or drinking, hanging out for no reason, think about it....--- YOU MIGHT BE STANDING ON A BOMB.
In fact all of us are standing on some bomb or the other. I request all of you .... "Let's diffuse it before it claim our lives!!!!" Don't wait for some one to come and help you. It might be too late. It's now or never
Those who are reading it, kindly convey it to your friends and act immediately.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vision 2020????

I read in business daily quite often, and even the conferences and seminars I attend also talks about it. This is not new, all of us know it now that -- India is a young economy, because more than 60 % of its population is youth. I also totally agree with the cencus reports. But I doubt on something which is highly showcased in all these reports. They also say with great confidence that India will be a knowledge economy; India will be in the top 3 economies by 2020. VISION 2020!!!!
The economic development of any nation depends and reflect by the way its people live their life, the way they advance further. But I want to know something here.....
We are ranking in the top 3-5 positions when it comes to Rising real estate prices, CPI and WPI Index and a lot. But all these are vague figures, because the same ranking agencies rank us way below 130 out of some 180 nations on the "HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX" - HDI. Why???? Because 60 % of India resides in villages. Just imagine friends----
Is the population of children more in cities, where the cost of living is high and affordability of having more than 1-2 child(ren) is less; or it is more in villages where due to lack of education the family size is 6 (4 kids) on an average? I am sure like wise me you don't have a second thought about this. Let's think a little more deeper and dwell upon it. If this is the case, how is that we will be able to achieve what has been forecasted; and even if we do so, will it be a HOLISTIC development, or one way? Again the answer is simple. Is it what we are aspiring to achieve? When we talk about the common man feeling the heat of inflation, do we involve those who dont get more than even $ 2 per day. Marketing Indian Guru C K Prahlad rightly talks about the Bottom of the Pyramid people, but unfortunately he also only talks about it from the marketing perspective, not from the development perspective.....
So what are those lines on which we educated, earning, well settled people in life, should think upon? The legacy of Swami Vivekananda is such that even in the 21st century, he is recognised as the Youth icon. I qoute him, "If I get 100 dedicated youngesters, I will change the face of India". Mind you friends, he never said anything on the basis of some cencus reports. HE DREAMT ABOUT A YOUTH ORIENTED COUNTRY IN THE 19th CENTURY AND HAD THE VISION FOR INDIA 2020. How does that feel to you???
I get a shivver down to my spine when I think that inspite of all world ranking systems, our country will not be able to achieve a holistic growth. We talk about India being a socialist economy. It means every one getting fairly good access to resources available. "If you think it's happening, please wake up!" For a matter of fact, the rich and poor divide is increasing every moment with the graph of Indian and Global stock indices. The rich is getting more and more richer and the greed seems to be endless. They do something on the name of Corporate Social Resposibility, but I say, what about - INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY? Do we always need a coporate house to do something. Can't we, in our individual capacity do something about social upliftment? Cant we spare out some TIME (Samaydaan) or MONEY (Ansh daan) or EFFORTS (Shramdaan)? The fact is -- "WE ALL CAN?" Some of you must be doing it. But if we really want to achieve the vision-- we should put in collective efforts. I have joined one such movement (All World Gayatri Pariwar- Have you????
If you want your mother nation to GROW uni-dimensional, sit and do what you are doing, but if you want it to DEVELOP overall, get up and seek for opportunities to help the needy. Join hands and build a great nation, because we are those youngesters which Swami Vivekanada wanted. Never forget that the whole system is surviving on "GIVE and TAKE".
Let us achieve the Vision 2020 of Vivekananda, not economist version of vision 2020. Thank you :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thought trasformation is happening

The recent global developments are a clear indication of what Aadarniya Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Aacharya had spoken in his literature long back. These developments are forcing people to think differently, think positively, think laterly. Unfortunately these developments are not good for the common man; in fact not good for any one of us.
When you talk about recession in American economy, Depreciating US Dollar, shy rocketing Crude oil prices, heated up Stock markets, rising inflation, global climate imbalance, Global warming, sub prime crisis, melting ice caps, ecological disturbances; What's happening all around us is-- "DISASTER". Unfortunately, most of the so called developed human minds are failing miserabely to collate and corelate all this. "THE WORLD IS CHANGING"
Humans are always like that frog who when dunked in sudden hot water, will jump out, but if the water temperature increases gradually fails to understand and dies inside the vessel.
Friends, those who want to lead a happy life, catch these messages. Find out the secret hidden deep inside you. Join hands with people who are already in this movement. All you need to do is just-- "RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUS LEVEL"
We all have in some time or the other heard about 2012 being the year of great damage. Scientist name it the Dooms' day, some support it with the facts of Bible, some say a comet will hit earth's surface, even there are prophecies made on that. Let me share with you a new dimension. "THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION".
Other than the ecological disturbances, we all are contributing one more pollutant to the atmosphere. OUR BAD THOUGHTS. We are creating an energy disturbance. Our negative thoughts are polluting the collective consciousness of the earth. Each and every thought of ours create a respective energy- A positive thought will create a positive energy and vice versa. Positive thoughts lead to peace, happiness, harmony, beauty, calmness, growth, and alot more. On the contrary, our 'collective negative thoughts' are the root cause of destruction, sorrow, grief, agony, natural alamities and man made disasters.
All these disasters can be averted by collective efforts of thinking good, talking good and acting good. The thumb rule? "GRATITUDE" Feel and be thankful to what you have, rather than cribbing for what you don't. Feel and live with positive thoughts, be grateful to everything, and the universe will respond to you- Like a Ginnie it will say- "YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND"
And that's it. That's the secret for you- "LAW OF ATTRACTION". Sages and great gurus like Pt Shri Ram Sharma, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Lord Jesus, and every other great person has propagated that human mind should think good. Even when you are getting crucified- THINK & FEEL POSITIVE, think for other's welfare, think of forgiving others. That is what these great souls wanted to teach us.
TIME has come to "THINK DIFFERENTLY". We all need to bring this "THOUGHT REVOLUTION" The sparks can be seen here and there, but they are not enough. Everyone's efforts are required. In India, people are scientifically able to understand the power of Mantras, and collective chanting. Priests were able to bring down rain at 15 drought declared places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, under scientific observation. The price hike in crude oil is making people change their living patterns. These people are getting more and more conscious and heading towards-- "SIMPLE LIVING & HIGH THINKING" .
There are some rich and powerful people as well who are thinking on these lines. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates are to start the list. We all need to join this list of people who are ready to think and act on making the world a better place.

Dear Friends, its an appeal, a request for not the coming generation, but for our own selves, to make this mother earth, this planet a heaven again, as it was in the Satyuga. Let's join each other and contribute to the bigger cause, by just- "THINKING GOOD" :) ..... Thanks